charles dickson

Charles Dickson has been active in the transportation field since 1978 and has been with CTAA since 1987. Before joining CTAA, he administered grant programs for the Maryland Department of Transportation and directed a coordinated rural public transportation system in Karnak, Illinois. With the Community Transportation Association, Mr. Dickson manages the organization’s technical assistance programs and the Community Transportation Association training programs which now incorporate seven professional certifications. Mr. Dickson also plans and manages all meetings on behalf of the association. This includes the annual Community Transportation EXPO. A gathering of more than 1,500 community transportation professionals and 100 exhibitors. He holds a B.S. degree in sociology from the Universtiy of Maryland and a Master of Science degree in Community Development from Southern Illinois Universtiy – Carbondale.

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The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and its members believe that mobility is a basic human right. From work and education to life-sustaining health care and human services programs to shopping and visiting with family and friends, mobility directly impacts quality of life.