Director of Transportation

Organization: City of Annapolis

Location: Annapolis, Md.

Deadline: Open until filled

Salary: $101,378-$170,901

Description: The City of Annapolis seeks a Director of Transportation to have administrative responsibility for the operation of the City transit system, para-transit system, transportation vehicle maintenance services, taxicab code enforcement, on-street parking and residential parking ombudsman, and off-street parking facility operations.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Transportation Director plans, supervises and coordinates the activities of the department subject to the general direction of the City Manager. The position requires knowledge of the practices of transit, para-transit, taxicab and off-street parking and a high degree of ability to plan and coordinate the work of others.

  • Sets policy and approves programs for transportation operations, off-street parking operations, taxicab operations, pedicab operations, and vehicle licensing;
  • Advises subordinate staff in program development;
  • Meets with the Mayor, City Council members, boards, committees and the general public regarding the appropriate role and responsibilities of the department within the community;
  • Communicates in person, in writing, by phone and through subordinates the program goals and implements policy as determined above;
  • Intervenes in personnel matters and determines personal grievances;
  • Prepares vehicle and major equipment specifications;
  • Manages overall transportation programs;
  • Gives direction for efficient and economical operation of the system;
  • Performs vehicle utilization, job assignment/reassignment, positions and performance evaluations;
  • Conducts impact studies and designs and implements in-service training programs;
  • Administers ordinances and regulations relating to taxicab operation in the City and off-street parking;
  • Oversees the development, accountability and cost controls in the administration of department budget;
  • Redesigns and proposes improved changes of existing programs and proposes new programs to improve public transportation system;
  • Communicates by phone and in person, meeting with general public and/or City officials relating to interpretation of policy, regulations and public information;
  • Manages all personnel of department and assigned agencies and corporations;
  • Proposes, writes and administers Federal and State grants;
  • Holds and conducts public and closed hearings and attends job-related court hearing and trials.


  • Considerable experience in transportation operations, some of which shall have been at the level of Transportation Supervisor and college graduation from a recognized college or university with major course work in job-related field, preferably a master’s degree with major in Transportation or related field; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Thorough knowledge of modern principles and practices governing the operation of a modern public transportation system;
  • thorough knowledge of motor vehicle operating practices on a large scale and applicable State and local statutes and regulations governing the efficient and safe operation of city; demonstrated ability to plan and supervise the work of others, including the organization and administration of a vehicle operator training and retraining program;
  • ability to keep records and make reports; ability to analyze and evaluate vehicle transportation problems and to come up with satisfactory solutions;
  • good judgment on transportation matters.

Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Physical ability: ability to work at desk in office and to observe activities in the field and office.
  • Visual ability: sufficient to operate a vehicle by both day and night, to observe City activities taking place, to read and write reports, correspondence, etc.
  • Hearing ability: sufficient to understand radio transmissions, conversation with other individuals both in person and over a telephone.
  • Speaking ability: sufficient to communicate effectively with other individuals in person, over a telephone, over a radio.
  • Freedom from mental disorders which would interfere with performance of duties as described.

Application Procedure: Candidates must complete a City of Annapolis application online at Paper applications are available through Human Resources. Paper applications are due in the Human Resources office by the close of business on the closing date.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment, without regard to political or religious opinion or affiliation, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or genetic information.

The City of Annapolis is an Equal Employment Opportunity/ADA Compliant Employer.

Must consent to chemical substance screening consistent with mandated Federal, State, and City guidelines and programs, to include random tests for the detection of drug or alcohol use.

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