Division Manager

Organization: City of Hattiesburg

Location: Hattiesburg, Miss.

Deadline: The position will remain open until filled.

Salary: TBD/DOE

Description: The City of Hattiesburg, Miss., is seeking an effective, experienced, qualified leader to direct and supervise the operations of Hub City Transit (HCT) as its Division Manager. HCT is the primary public transportation provider for the Hattiesburg Area offering Paratransit service, Job Access Reverse Commute service, and traditional fixed routes. The system was expanded two years ago with new routes and an arrangement with the University of Southern Mississippi, which tripled ridership. In the coming year, the city plans to embark on a Transit Master Plan to help guide further improvements to the transit system which are expected to include possible on-demand or micro-transit solutions and other route and technology updates. The Division Manager will play a critical role in all of these efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Division Manger oversees routes, scheduling, administrative functions, personnel management, reporting, purchasing, budget management, customer satisfaction, asset management, preventive maintenance, and capital planning. Duties require considerable independent initiative and a proactive quality, as well as excellent communication and teamwork skills. Job activity ranges from working independently to collaborating with HCT, MPO, and City colleagues to frequent interaction with customers, vendors, and outside agencies.

Application Procedure: For a full job description and to apply online, visit http://www.hattiesburgms.com/jobs/. Please be sure to attach a resume to the online application. The position will remain open until filled.

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