Public Notice of Intent to Procure

Location: Flagstaff, Ariz.

Deadline: This procurement is expected to be released by end of July 2021 with project kickoff in September 2021.

Notice is hereby given: Mountain Line intends to release a Request for Statement of Qualifications (RSOQ) for the Kaspar Headquarters Master Plan (KHMP) Project to analyze the existing facilities located on Kaspar Drive and Mountain Line’s adjacent vacant land to identify opportunities and barriers to growth, safety, and state of good repair. As Mountain Line transitions to an electric fleet, this plan will incorporate the recently completed zero emissions plan, develop phasing, concept, and design of key components. Mountain Line is seeking an Arizona licensed Design Professional (DP) to provide Architectural and Engineering services on a task order basis for the Mountain Line Kaspar Headquarters. Technical team disciplines should include architectural, civil, structural, MEP, landscaping, and geotechnical engineering. Planning services, in addition to architectural planning and programming, should include NEPA environmental services. The KHMP will maximize fleet storage capacity and maintenance uses for a long-term horizon to accommodate Mountain Line’s growth as a regional transportation provider.

This procurement is expected to be released by end of July 2021 with project kickoff in September 2021.

The complete RFP will be available upon release on our website at:

Interested vendors are encouraged to check the website regularly for updates, and to register as a vendor at the same web address.

Proposals will be submitted electronically as per the instructions in the RFP. Award shall be made with reasonable promptness by giving written notice to the Proposer whose proposal best conforms to the invitation and will be the most advantageous to Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (Mountain Line). Other factors to be considered may include, but are not limited to, quality, uniformity of product, and Proposer’s past performance on other contracts. Award may be made to other than the low-cost proposal. However, all proposals may be rejected if the City of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (Mountain Line) determines that rejection is in the public interest.

Please send all questions to

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