RFP: Transit System Operation

Location: Washington County, Ohio

Deadline: Nov. 4

The Board of Commissioners of Washington County, Ohio is seeking sealed proposals from eligible service providers to operate a Transit System in Washington County, Ohio. The Transit System in Washington County is funded by federal, state, and local sources, and is administered through the Ohio Department of Transportation. The Commissioners provide the vehicles for the System, and the service provider is responsible for the drivers, dispatchers, fuel, maintenance, facility, insurance, and all other requirements to implement a safe, efficient and effective bus service in Washington County. Compensation is paid to selected service provider on a “cost reimbursement” basis from a monthly invoice detailing service hours and reduction of farebox.

Please review the Request for Proposal online at https://www.washingtongov.org.

Questions or comments about the RFP should be addressed by October 22, 2021 to:

Washington County Commissioners
223 Putnam Street
Marietta, Ohio 45750 bcowdery@wcgov.org

Questions and comments received will be forwarded to all known holders of this RFP.

Sealed bids must be received by 10 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021 in the office of the Washington County Commissioners. Bid specifications and instructions are provided in the RFP.

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