RFQ: Website Development

Location: Bourbonnais, Ill.
Deadline: April 5

Introduction: River Valley Metro Mass Transit District (“RVMMTD”) is seeking to engage a qualified and experienced contractor to provide services required to develop a new comprehensive website detailing our services and those offered by other transit providers in our service area. RVMMTD is issuing this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) to solicit Statements of Qualifications (“SOQs”) from those interested in being considered for this project. For the purposes of this RFQ, those submitting a SOQ to RVMMTD are referred to individually as a “Responder” and collectively as “Responders.”

Background of River Valley Metro Mass Transit District: River Valley Metro Mass Transit District was formed as a municipality and began providing bus service in the urbanized area of Kankakee County Illinois in 1999. The system now offers 12 local (fixed) bus routes, Complimentary Paratransit and 2 commuter bus routes, providing nearly one million rides per year.

Scope of Work (“SOW”) Overview: RVMMTD’s current website (RiverValleyMetro.com) is functional, but very basic in nature. The Service Provider will be responsible for developing a new website that is very dynamic, functional, and visually appealing.

In addition to all information contained on the current website, the new site will include information about other transit providers in our service area (3 transit providers). This information will include name of the transit provider, contact information, a description of their service, and a link to their website. Training of RVMMTD staff to maintain and update website content.

Required Information in SOQ

  1. Cover letter including identification of the Responder’s firm
  2. Written narrative summarizing Responder’s approach to and experience in providing the SOW above.
  3. Three client references, including client name, contact information, and URL for the website that the Responder developed.

Submission Instructions: SOQ’s may be submitted by hard copy or electronically.

Hard copies must be delivered to:

Robert Hoffmann
River Valley Metro Mass Transit District
1137 E. 5000 N. Rd.
Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Electronic submissions must be e-mailed to: info@rivervalleymetro.com

Deadline for SOQ submissions: 4:00 p.m., CDT on April 5, 2019.

RVMMTD is not responsible for non-delivery of submissions and suggests that the Responder verify delivery prior to deadline.

Evaluation and Scoring: A RVMMTD-appointed Qualifications Review Committee (“QRC”) will evaluate, rate, and score all SOQ’s.

  • Content and Adherence to the Proposal Requirements (30%) – In addition to content and adherence to the proposal requirements, the Review Committee will acknowledge creative effort, innovative ideas, and the thoroughness of responses.
  • Performance and Relationships (30%) – The performance of the firm, its subconsultants, and team members on previous projects with other Transit agencies or Government agencies.
  • Public Involvement (30%) – Public outreach and stakeholder participation is critical to securing project support. Specific examples of the firm’s outreach strategies and experiences with public involvement should be documented in sufficient detail to demonstrate past effectiveness and success with this task.
  • Partnerships (10%) – Commitment to participation by registered and qualified DBE Providers.

Letters will be sent to each Responder notifying them of the QRC’s decision.

Reservation of Rights

RVMMTD reserves the right to:

  • Cancel, withdraw, postpone, or extend this RFQ in whole or in part
  • Terminate this process at any time and is under no obligation to contract for the services specified herein
  • Reject any and all SOQ’s received under this RFQ at any time
  • Issue addenda to this RFQ
  • Add or delete responsibilities from the SOW
  • Appoint the evaluation team and replace any member at the CEO’s discretion
  • Use the assistance of technical, financial, and legal experts throughout the process
  • Waive minor deficiencies, informalities, and irregularities in this RFQ process and in SOQ’s

RVMMTD Not Obligated for Proposal Costs. Responders are responsible for all of their costs associated with participating in this RFQ process.

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