Statewide Intermodal Planner II

Organization: Georgia Department of Transportation – Office of Intermodal

Location: Fulton-Atlanta, Ga.

Deadline: March 17

Salary: $54,450

Description: Georgia Department of Transportation seeks an Statewide Intermodal Planner II.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Under limited supervision the Statewide Intermodal Planner II performs work of considerable difficulty in the planning and environmental activities in the Intermodal Division, Rail and Transit Programs.
  • Under the direction of the Intermodal Planning & Environmental Manager, the Statewide Intermodal Planner II leads and directs the statewide and metropolitan transit planning programs (FTA Section 5303 and 5304) and the State’s freight and passenger rail planning activities.
  • The Statewide Intermodal Planner II delivers various documents that are related to rail and transit projects and plans and may recommend methods for implementation under the direction of the manager.
  • Carrying out the FTA Section 5303 and 5304 programs involves coordination with MPOs and Regional Commissions, providing technical assistance to local agencies, identifying needs and priorities for transit investment, and contract management.
  • The Statewide Intermodal Planner II participates in an annual transit call for projects and prepares project information for the Program of Projects (POP) and Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
  • The Statewide Intermodal Planner II researches, analyzes, monitors, compiles, and distributes project or program data, plans, policies, and related records or databases. The Statewide Intermodal Planner II develops programmatic communications.
  • The Statewide Intermodal Planner II performs project management responsibilities including: delivering reports and tech memos, setting and following a project schedule, contract management, and coordinating with other stakeholders and the public as required.
  • The Statewide Intermodal Planner II is responsible for ensuring a continuous system planning process related to the Georgia’s Statewide Transit and Rail Plans, participating in passenger rail studies and NEPA documents, conducting research, collecting economic development information, analyzing and interpreting policy, developing technical reports, presenting information to leadership and the public, tracking funding, coordinating with other agencies and the private sector, identifying needs and investment priorities, and contributing to grant applications.
  • This position reports to the Intermodal Planning & Environmental Manager and coordinates, communicates, and collaborates with a team of planners, engineers, technicians, and consultants.

Application Procedure: Please visit here for additional information.

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