RFP: Transportation Coordination Plan Consultant

Location: Waco, Texas

Deadline: Jan. 14, 2021

The Heart of Texas Council of Governments (HOTCOG) is looking for qualified professionals with prior public transportation coordination experience to provide a prepared and updated, 5-year regionally coordinated transportation plan to ensure a network of transportation services to effectively and efficiently get people to where they need to go.

The RFP document, RFP updates, and additional RFP information or amendments will be posted on the HOTCOG website and may be retrieved by clicking on “Transportation Coordination Plan Consultant 2021 RFP” at https://hotcog.org/health-and-human-services-programs/rural-transportation If problems obtaining this RFP are experienced, please request an RFP copy via email to Rep Pledger at: rep.pledger@hot.cog.tx.us.

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The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and its members believe that mobility is a basic human right. From work and education to life-sustaining health care and human services programs to shopping and visiting with family and friends, mobility directly impacts quality of life.