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Based on your recommendations, we’ve developed a menu of intensive training sessions on the industry’s most pivotal topics. These sessions do not come with the standard EXPO 23 registration. Add one (or more!) to your EXPO registration to take full advantage of EXPO 23’s training opportunities.
All Intensives are sold out.
One-Day Classes, Monday, May 22

Survive & Thrive: Successful Business Development Planning for your Transit System

Instructor: Chris Zeilinger, Community Transportation Association
Designed for senior- or upper-level managers in rural transit and smaller urban public transit systems, this one-day class presents and explains a 13-step approach to transit business planning that helps you ensure your transit system is fiscally sustainable and strategic, both now and in your organization's future. This class is new to CTAA's professional training offerings. It's based on, and replaces, the "Professional Transportation Grant Development" class that CTAA has taught for a variety of hosts, including the Transit Association of Maryland, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, and others. The class is available both on-line and as a more traditional in-person class. During this full day of training, students will explore and discuss each of the following 13 steps. Some of these steps may seem self-evident, but all will benefit from in-depth discussion during the class.

Succession Planning: Preparing for Future Success

Instructor: Caryn Souza, Community Transportation Association
Your agency's success depends on its ability to identify, retain, and prepare future leaders. Preparations must go beyond simply staffing positions that become vacant. Effective succession planning is a process of identifying, assessing, developing talent and knowledge transfer that ensures continuity throughout your agency. You will come away from this course with the assessment tools, templates and action plans needed to strengthen the overall capacity of your organization

Complying with ADA Paratransit's Operating & Eligibility Requirements

Instructor: Jess Segovia, ADA GURU
Understanding Paratransit's ADA Compliance requirements is an ongoing struggle for transportation providers everywhere. This session will review the ADA's requirements for the delivery of Paratransit services, including, General Assistance Requirements, Direct Threat, Reasonable Modification of Policy, service area and fares, Origin to Destination, negotiating pick-up times, pick-up windows, missed trips, and No-Show policies. In addition, a comprehensive review of the ADA's requirements for Paratransit Eligibility Determination will be provided. Topics include defining eligible individuals, a review of determination methodologies, the application process, eligibility categories, appeals process, and a review of assessment strategies for a variety of applicants (mobility, cognitive, hearing/vision, etc.).

One-Day Classes, Tuesday May 23

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Changing Leadership in a Changing World

Instructor: Dan Mulraney, Mulraney Training and Consulting, LLC.
It has been said that: "High IQ will get you through school but high EQ will get you through life". Today's leaders understand the need for emotional intelligence. Strength, determination and intelligence alone are no longer sufficient in the modern world. Leaders with high emotional intelligence (EQ) have been shown to excel and achieve more than those with high IQ alone. In fact, in comparing individuals with similar technical skills and knowledge, EQ is what sets high performers apart. This program will discuss the traits and characteristics of emotionally intelligent people and the difference between high IQ and high EQ. We will also discuss how learning and using all aspects of emotional intelligence can make you a better leader and improve relationships, thus creating a more powerful and positive work environment for you and your team.

Developing Policies and Procedures for Transit

Instructor: Kelly Shawn, RLS & Associates, Inc.
This one-day intensive will focus on the process of identifying the need for new policies and procedures, development of those policies, and evaluating existing policies and procedures for effectiveness without being overly prescriptive. Over the years, a transit system changes, but are existing policies and procedures changing as well? This intensive will provide participants manageable solutions and techniques in developing sustainable policies that allow the transit system to effectively manage its operations while also meeting Federal and State requirements and the changing demands of its ridership. Participants will gain an understanding of triggers that would require modifications of existing policies or development of new policies. A systematic approach to policy development may require investigation, data collection, strategic planning and involvement of staff who may be impacted by changes to existing policies or new policies. Participants will gain tips on policy changes that may affect their ridership. A seemingly simple change in service, hours or fares can end up being a public relations nightmare. Learning best practices to effective policy management will assist transit leaders when the time comes to make minimal or drastic policy changes.

Transit Marketing & Communication in the Digital Age

Instructor: Selena Barlow, Transit Marketing LLC.
As we rebuild ridership and redefine the role of public transportation, marketing is more important than ever. This intensive workshop will explore strategies for marketing public transportation in the post-covid, digital world. It will offer proven strategies to build visibility, community support and ridership for your transportation services, while demonstrating messaging and media most relevant to the current environment.


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