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Fraud Alert!

Please be aware there is an unauthorized group emailing exhibitors offering EXPO attendee lists. This group is not contracted by, authorized by or affiliated with CTAA in any way. There are also groups trying to make room reservations and sell sponsorships. If the email does not come from a address, or an AHI-Services address or address it is fraud.

For those organizations wishing to play an active role at EXPO 2022 and receive significant public recognition for their efforts, there are a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, each of which earns the participating company a role and notice commensurate with the level of participation.

Sponsorships of $2,500 or More Receive:

  • Recognition in all pre-EXPO literature published after commitment.
  • Recognition in the Official EXPO App and EXPO website.
  • Recognition on signs displayed in the EXPO Registration Area.
  • Your company’s flyer or brochure in all registration packets.
  • Two complimentary full registrations.

Sponsors of Food & Beverage Events also receive:

  • Appropriate signage at all food and/or beverage outlets during the event.
  • Company representatives at each food and beverage station during the event. o Giveaways provided by sponsor distributed either at the event or in Registration Bags.
  • Company representatives greeting registrants at the entrance to the event.
  • If event is ticketed, sponsor name will appear on ticket.


Bill Shoemaker


Updated April 20, 2022



Big Night Out

Wednesday General Session Breakfast

Roadeo Banquet, T-Shirts and hats

Tuesday Opening Session Breakfast

Registration Bags

ELA Reception

ELA Cosponsor

Women Who Lead the Way Social Hour

Opening Reception Drink Tickets Aisle Banner Drop

Transit Technology Showcase

Create Your Own Workshop

general event sponsor

Transit Technology Showcase

Transit Technology Showcase

Transit Technology Showcase

general event sponsor

general event sponsor

Create Your Own Workshop

Create Your Own Workshop

Electronics Charging Station

general event sponsor

General Event Sponsor

general event sponsor


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