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Lethbridge Transit Redesigns Fixed Route & Implements Microtransit with TripSpark's Rides on Demand App Webinar

What does Lethbridge Transit have that other transit agencies need? Valuable insight on the impact of Microtransit to the future of transportation! On Wednesday Oct. 13 at 2:00 p.m. EDT, Lethbridge Transit will join TripSpark Technologies for an entertaining and interactive webinar that you don’t want to miss. Please join us!

They have a great story to tell

Transit on DemandLethbridge Transit and TripSpark welcome all industry veterans and newbies to join TripSpark’s Paul Comfort on Oct. 13, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. EDT, for our webinar: Lethbridge Transit Redesigns Fixed Route & Implements Microtransit with TripSpark’s Rides on Demand App.

When Covid hit, Lethbridge Transit halted fixed route service but still needed to get essential workers to where they needed to be. They used their existing demand response software, Novus to handle their new on-demand service. This was a great stop-gap solution for the agency, until making the important decision to implement TripSpark’s new Microtransit solution, Rides on Demand (RoD).

Lethbridge Transit realized that if Rides on Demand had been available during this time, service could have been further enhanced, because riders could have booked trips on their own, rather than having to call Lethbridge.

Come hear the whole story

Person using appNow, with the implementation of Rides on Demand, Lethbridge Transit has redesigned and effectively redefined their fixed route transit service. And they’re excited to tell their whole story to a “live” audience and show other agencies just how easy it is to make Microtransit part of their flourishing future.

In the Oct. 13 webinar, Lethbridge will cover the RoD implementation process and the many benefits of the app, they’ll share a fun app demonstration, and they’ll provide valuable insights on the impact of Microtransit to the future of transportation.

To add a little fun and incentive to the event, 10 lucky registrants will receive Paul Comfort’s popular children’s book Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop and Beyond – a colorful ridership tale, for people of all ages.

Get the full scoop on Oct. 13!


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