Passenger Assistance, Safety and Sensitivity (PASS)



CTAA’s Passenger Assistance, Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) driver training program is the recognized industry standard when it comes to ensuring that your passengers are transported in the most safe, sensitive and careful manner possible.

PASS is ideal for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) trips, for ADA paratransit services, for specialized transit for older passengers, for human and social service riders — really any transportation operation where the passengers require extra care.

PASS trained drivers know how to safely and sensitively transport everyone.


Consider the following:

  • Every day, an average of 150 drivers successfully complete either the PASS On-Line or PASS Classroom training curriculum, and pass the certification test. Today, more than 150,000 drivers providing trips across the country, are PASS Certified.
  • Annually, CTAA gathers a council of PASS Master Trainers to discuss trends and potential new content they’ve encountered in delivering the PASS Classroom curriculum. Routinely, what emerges from this meeting are direct improvements in PASS, ensuring it remains dynamic and up-to-date.
  • PASS training has been incorporated successfully into NEMT brokerage operations, door-to-door ride hailing services, Section 5310 specialized service for seniors and people with disabilities, VA-sponsored operations for isolated veterans, urban ADA complimentary paratransit service and rural demand-response transit on tribal reservations.

Available right away and completely on-line, with seven distinct modules, each with a test for understanding at the end which must be passed to move onto the next. Upon completion, participants will immediately receive their certificates.

Be advised, PASS On-Line does not include a hands-on wheelchair securement component, which CTAA highly recommends.

Available on a scheduled basis, this two-day course both replicates the PASS On-Line curriculum and includes the hands-on wheelchair safety and securement training. For drivers who have successfully completed the PASS On-Line course, we offer the ability to schedule participation in the in-person wheelchair safety and securement within a scheduled PASS Classroom session. CTAA recommends, for the most complete PASS training experience, that drivers either combine the On-Line with the hands-on wheelchair securement training or attend the two-day classroom session.

To train a future PASS Classroom trainer, we periodically offer the two-day PASS Train-the-Trainer in-person training. This important session combines a deep dive into PASS content, as well as a section on training best practices.

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