Attention PASS Online Users

On Jan. 31, 2020, CTAA is transitioning online PASS training to a new platform. If you have started the PASS Basic Online course but not completed the course, you must finish the entire course by midnight on Jan. 31, 2020. If you do not complete the course by that date and time, you will have to begin the PASS Basic Online course again starting with module one and with a new access code.

the industry standard

pass 7.0

CTAA is excited to announce the latest update to our industry standard Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Driver and Trainer Certification program, PASS 7.0. More than 100,000 transit and non-emergency medical drivers are PASS certified. This exciting upgrade enhances the user’s learning experience by streamlining content with updated modules.

Here’s why PASS 7.0 is the industry standard in driver safety and passenger assistance and sensitivity:

  • PASS Master Trainers from around the country met and developed the new content in 7.0, including new lessons in passenger sensitivity, transporting those with disabilities and what to do in emergency situations.
  • Trainees can now gain immediate access to their PASS certificates upon completion of the full program, allowing drivers to get on the road quicker.
  • Brand new videos and lessons from PASS Master Trainer Joe Seitz.
  • Easy to use platform with a self-paced user experience.
  • PASS is now mobile and tablet friendly.
  • PASS Certification is valid for two years.

“We’re thrilled with all of the valuable new content, features and upgrades we’ve built into Pass 7.0,” says CTAA Executive Director Scott Bogren. “Passenger safety and sensitivity is vital to all facets of community and public transit and PASS 7.0 exemplifies the industry commitment.”

To view the PASS platform, visit:

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