By Taylor Klocke

State and Tribal Delegate Blog Series: North Carolina

March 11, 2021

Welcome to CTAA’s latest blog series, providing updates from our state and tribal delegates on the state of transit. This blog series comes to us from North Carolina, where David Rhew (Executive Director of the North Carolina Public Transportation Association) serves as the state delegate.

1. Please briefly describe the state of public transit in North Carolina right now

Public transit continues to play an important and high profile role in North Carolina. Our systems have continued to keep their services going through this prolonged pandemic. In addition, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and NCDOT have partnered with the public transit systems to have our systems provide rides to vaccination sites across the state.

Second, the Association is deeply involved in the upcoming launch of Medicaid Managed Care on July 1st. We continue to work closely with the 5 health plans, the transportation brokers and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the long standing coordinated public transportation model in North Carolina remains the gold standard for serving our Medicaid beneficiaries.

We believe the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the past 20 + months can be a national model for future NEMT partnerships and collaboration.

2. What are the biggest challenges facing North Carolina right now?

The Association is working with its stakeholders and partners to restore 50M in state transit funding. Last summer, the North Carolina General Assembly cuts that funding to balance the NCDOT budget. Additionally, lawmakers pledged this was a one year cut only and that the CARES Act cover the loss in the interim.

3. What are some uplifting/positive things happening right now?

The Association’s public transit family remain strong and committed to serving its neighbors during this challenging time. We believe public transit is part of the economic recovery solution in North Carolina.

4. Anything else you’d like CTAA members to know?

We look forward to partnering with other state association leaders to move us the industry.


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