Transit Project Manager

Organization: Georgia Department of Transportation

Location: Atlanta, Ga.

Deadline: May 19

Salary: $54,450

Description: Georgia Department of Transportation, Office of Intermodal, seeks a Transit Project Manager to work in the planning, analysis, administration, and management of the specifically assigned Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5303, 5304, 5307, 5311, and 5339 Program(s).

Duties and Responsibilities: This responsibility includes assistance in developing the annual Program of Projects and assisting with the contracting process. The Transit Project Manager provides and ensures oversight, compliance, professional support, and management of federal, state, and local funds and regulations for assigned sub-recipients and FTA Program. The Transit Project Manager performs functions in the Intermodal Division as the liaison between the Georgia Department of Transportation and assigned sub-recipients regarding transit throughout the state. The Transit Project Manager monitors scope, budget, and schedule for assigned projects and programs to maintain timeliness, mitigate risk, and ensure completion according to program and contract requirements. The Transit Project Manager conducts site visits, provides technical support, including the statewide dispatching software, manages and monitors annual contracts, reviews and validates monthly invoices, inspects state-owned vehicles and Park and Ride lots quarterly.

Application Procedure: For additional information and to apply please click the link below:


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