Certified Community Transit Supervisor


David Engel


A training and certification program for front-line transit managers and supervisors

The front-line supervisor has a pivotal role in the transit organization. He or she is accountable for most of the day-to-day success of its operations. Many supervisors are promoted from within the ranks of the operating staff, while others come from a variety of backgrounds and must learn to effectively supervise. In their supervisory role, these individuals must also understand the overall objectives and mission of the transit organization, and they must be able to convey its practices, principles, and priorities to the operating staff.

This two-day classroom workshop has been updated to include a wide variety of skills necessary to successfully manage front-line employees and a web-based prerequisite course. The workshop will provide comprehensive training in leadership, working effectively within a team, communication skills, coaching skills, performance gap analysis, motivation, use of positive & progressive discipline, dealing with emotional employees and how to use feedback effectively.

At the conclusion of this training, class participants are tested in their mastery of these areas. Having passed the examination component, trainees will be professionally certified by CTAA as Certified Community Transportation Supervisors (CCTS); this certification will be valid for three years, whereupon the supervisor must recertify to keep the CCTS designation.

Course Prerequisite

CTAA, in partnership with the Center for Transportation eLearning (CTeL), has developed a web-based prerequisite course (approximately four hours) to provide the basic skills training necessary for new and veteran managers and supervisors. The web-based program (taken prior to the classroom training) will include the supervisor’s role, succeeding as a new supervisor, communicating effectively, leading your team, coaching and counseling, conflict management and decision making, and transit supervisor responsibilities.

Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS) Training Overview

The course outline for this program is as follows:

Leadership and the Supervisor’s Role

  • Concept of Supervision
  • The Peter Principle
  • Adjusting to Change
  • What the Experts Say
  • Ethics
  • Leadership Styles
  • Nature of Supervision
  • Decision Making

Team Building and Team Styles

  • Effective Team Building
  • Team Styles and Structure
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Defining Your Team
  • Honoring Success

Communication Skills

  • Creating Understanding
  • One Way/Two Way Communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • 44 Effective Communication Tips

Employee Management

  • Recruitment and Selection / Retention
  • The Performance Code
  • Positive and Negative Feedback
  • When to Coach and When to Counsel
  • The Practical Coach
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Positive and Progressive Discipline
  • Strategies for Resolving Conflict
  • Emotional Employees
  • Motivational Skills

The CCTS Test

  • Test Preparation
  • Test Administration
  • Course Evaluation
  • Certification Examination


What is the cost of the training?

  • All-inclusive CTAA member rate of $6,500 for members and $7,000 for non-members sponsoring this training workshop
  • $600 per member participants and $750 for non-member in an open-enrollment setting
  • Class size: minimum 10, maximum 25 people
  • Participants must cover their own cost to attend the training


David Engel


The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and its members believe that mobility is a basic human right. From work and education to life-sustaining health care and human services programs to shopping and visiting with family and friends, mobility directly impacts quality of life.