ELA Class of 2018-19

Annie Conner

Implementing new technology within an organization can become very complicated if not done properly or perceived to be a waste to employees. There will be some potential users who feel that it is a waste of money or not user friendly. As a result, one could even gain resistance from potential users. As Conner was putting a plan together, she had to figure out a method to present to top level decision makers and employees the potential benefit that arise for the new technology implementation. Their agency has computers, but the dispatching system they have is done on paper, as well as a white board. Dispatchers would have to print each sheet of clients manifest and drivers would sometimes have 10-20 pages of paperwork stabled each day to serve as a guide of who and where they would be transporting. Add on client pickups caused problems especially if a driver called out or did not receive the documentation. It was time to decrease the no-shows, late pickups and double scheduling of clients.

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Annie Conner

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