The Keys to NEMT Success

Now you can.

CTAA is pleased to announce the most innovative community and public transportation-training product we’ve ever offered. This exciting new training session – the Keys to NEMT Success – is low-cost, can be accessed fully right at your own computer and provides you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with renowned NEMT expert, Rex Knowlton. We’ve made it simple.

The world of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is rapidly changing – so fast, in fact, that any organization providing NEMT services today needs some help. Wouldn’t it be great to have a recognized NEMT expert – someone who’s been an NEMT operator and has experience working directly with insurance companies, brokerages and state Medicaid agencies – at your disposal to help you understand exactly how the changing environment will impact your operation, and how to take advantage of new opportunities?

This Keys to NEMT Success course will guide transportation professionals through the changing world of non-emergency medical transportation, helping trainees to become more competitive and profitable as a provider of NEMT services by:

  • Understanding the new and emerging NEMT Setting
  • Learning to recognize and control your costs
  • Setting a price that’s competitive and fair
  • Becoming a skilled negotiator
  • Developing a well-trained staff

This course will focus on the nuances of health care transportation. We’ll look at how you can be more successful in this arena and the actions you need to take to get you to your goal. In addition to the great information each student will receive in the class, all participants will be eligible for two hours of free consultation via email, Skype, or telephone with our instructor Rex Knowlton.

A New Setting for a New Course

We have designed this course because we know that it takes hard work and skill to be successful in this arena. We also know that travel is expensive and taking time away from your organization is sometimes just not possible. That’s why this course will be taught online. Simply log into the course from your home or office and meet live with our instructor and your fellow students. This format will allow you to ask questions in real time, learn from your classmates, and not take time away for travel. The course consists of four two-hour online classes. There will be guided reading and exercises between sessions. Each session will be recorded and archived for review or if you miss a class.

A Price that You Can Afford

Not only will you save money with this new format, quite frankly so will we. This way we can make the course affordable for anyone in the NEMT business. The price for all four sessions, consultation, and the participant guide is only $175 for CTAA members and $250 for non-members.


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