Organizational Culture and Safety Management

Coming September 2020!

This Zoom-based interactive workshop taught by either industry expert Master Instructors Ream Lazaro or Michael Noel is for managers and supervisors at transit agencies of all sizes and operating characteristics. The purpose of this presentation is to provide guidance, strategies, and tools to build a positive organizational culture that supports agency safety management efforts. 

Every transit agency has an organizational culture; however, that does not mean that the culture is positive and able to support employee safety empowerment and ownership. This presentation will assist transit agencies in building on the positive elements of their existing culture and help make sure employees have a voice in identifying and mitigating safety risk. The presentation will use a variety of transit agency case studies to facilitate the learning experience.


  • Defining organizational culture
  • Elements and attributes of a culture that support safety by all employees
  • Assessing existing transit agency safety culture
  • Transit safety culture challenges
  • Cultivating a positive safety culture
  • Leadership strategies to promote safety culture
  • Link between safety culture and safety management
  • Empowering transit employees to take ownership of safety
  • Making employee safety reporting a reality
  • Identifying and assessing safety risk
  • Creating safety risk mitigations
  • Monitoring safety performance



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