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Effective dispatching can make or break a community transportation organization. In its mission to ensure the effectiveness and viability of community transportation organizations, the Community Transportation Association provides a two-day training program designed for demand response operations. The Professional Dispatching and Scheduling (PDS) training program focuses on operational efficiency as well as customer service techniques. Persons who successfully complete this course will have developed and demonstrated their expertise in maximizing the efficient delivery of demand-responsive transportation, conveying riders’ requests into affordable and appropriate trips, and in making effective use of their system’s transportation resources. Once issued, certification remains valid for three years and can renewed on-line or by attending a PDS workshop.

Participants who have successfully completed the examination component will receive a certificate and PDS lapel pin. In addition, the Community Transportation Association maintains permanent records of PDS certifications.

We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin (UWM) School of Continuing Education, CTAA’s certificate programs now offer continuing education units, or CEUs.

The course outline for the newly updated “PDS 5.2” two-day certification program includes:

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • The Passenger Service and Safety (PASS) Basic program
  • Operating Environment
    • External Conditions
    • System Activity
  • Communication
  • Internal vs. External Communication
    • Internal Communication
    • External Communication

Day 2

  • Scheduling, Service Design and Technology
    • The Scheduling Environment
    • The Service Continuum
    • Technology, Uses and Application
  • Dispatching Control and System Reliability
    • Control of the System Operation
    • Responding to problems and incidents
    • Review and Certification Examination

What is the cost of the training?

  • Closed enrollment setting: All inclusive rate of $7,000 for state, local and community transit organizations sponsoring this training workshop- this includes all travel and related expenses for the trainer and all workshop materials. It would be the host’s responsibility to supply the classroom site, LCD projector/screen and one flipchart.
  • CTAA members sponsoring this workshop will receive a $500 discount for a total cost of $6,500
  • Class size: limited to twenty persons
  • Participants cover their own costs related to attending the training
  • Open enrollment setting: $500 per participant

When and where is the training provided?

  • Closed enrollment classes may be requested by a local, regional, or state agency
  • Open enrollment classes are being offered at regional venues around the country.

Email training@ctaa.org for the latest offerings; visit our training calendar for more information on the PDS program.

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