By Taylor Klocke

Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg's Infrastructure Plan

January 27, 2020

Mayor Bloomberg’s administration would pursue a more than $1 trillion infrastructure package should he be elected President.

Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg has recently released, “21st Century Infrastructure Plan,” a more than $1 trillion infrastructure package that Bloomberg’s administration would pursue should he be elected President.

In an effort to ensure that CTAA members are familiar with the potential Presidential candidates’ proposed infrastructure policy, we will be releasing key highlights of every candidate’s policy proposals.

If elected, Bloomberg is promising to enact the following changes to public transportation:

  • Increase annual federal investment in public transit by triple the amount, including $12 billion per year in a new operating assistance program to improve service and attract new public transit users
  • Ensure transit is accessible for seniors and those with disabilities
  • Allow federal grants for new public transit capacity projects to be 100% federally funded
  • Transition to pollution-free electric vehicles, by providing funding and implementation standards to build a pollution-free transportation system running on clean energy
  • Launch a Zero-Emissions Trucks and Buses Hubs Program in big metro areas to bring ports, shippers and other private and public operators of trucks and buses (including school and transit buses) together with manufacturers to jump-start electrification



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