State Agency or Association of the Year

This award recognizes an entire state organization for providing creative, effective and continuing training and technical assistance programs, using new concepts, strategies, procedures and policies to provide support to local transit systems, and more.

1989 Maryland MTA, Baltimore, Md.
1989 Dakota Transit Association
1990 Washington State DOT
1990 Colorado Association of Transportation Agencies (CASTA)
1991 Idaho Dept. of Transportation
1991 Minnesota Public Transit Association
1992 Michigan DOT, Bureau of Urban and Public Transp.
1992 Pennsylvania Assoc. of Community Transp.
1993 Arkansas State Highway and Transp., Public Transp. Section
1993 Kansas Public Transit Association
1994 Ohio DOT, Div. of Public Transportation
1995 Virginia Dept. of Rail and Public Transportation
1996 Colorado DOT, Transit Unit
1997 New York DOT, Passenger Transportation Division
1998 Colorado Assoc. of Transportation Agencies
1999 Connecticut DOT
2000 Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation and Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development
2001 Arkansas Transit Association
2002 West Virginia Public Transit Association
2002 Maine Transit Association
2003 South Dakota DOT, Div. of Air, Rail and Transit
2004 Arkansas Transit Association
2005 Missouri Dept. of Transportation
2006 Oklahoma Transit Association
2006 Colorado Association of Transportation Agencies
2007 Washington State DOT, Public Transportation Div.
2008 Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, Tallahassee, Fla.
2009 New Jersey Council on Special Transportation, Manville, N.J.
2010 Florida Department of Transportation Public Transit Office, Tallahassee, Fla.
2011 West Virginia Dept. of Transportation, Division of Public Transit, Charleston, W.Va.
2012 Arizona Department of Transportation
2013 New Mexico Department of Transportation Rail and Transit Division
2014 Kentucky Public Transit Association, Louisville, Kentucky
2015 Iowa Public Transit Association
2016 Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association
2017 Tennessee Public Transportation Association
2018 Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Transit

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The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and its members believe that mobility is a basic human right. From work and education to life-sustaining health care and human services programs to shopping and visiting with family and friends, mobility directly impacts quality of life.