How can I buy new vehicles?

Because Toyota Corporation extends "fleet" prices to CTAA members those vehicles will be sold by our fleet designated automobile dealer and then will be delivered via a local Toyota dealer in your community.

I'm not currently a CTAA member and I'm interested in buying a discounted Toyota vehicles, what does it cost for me to become a member?

The annual membership dues for a "Vehicle-Only" membership is $25 and you'll find the membership application here. Note: for this membership you will have access to vehicle purchase only; no other membership benefits are provided.

Are there other membership levels that have more benefits?

Yes, to learn more about full membership, please visit here. To view our benefits, visit here.

Will the Toyotas have the full warranty?

Yes. Toyota will honor its customary warranty terms and have work performed at the local dealer. Additionally, the maintenance package called Toyota Care will be honored too.

Can I get financing?

Yes. Our fleet designated dealer has a range of financing options available to qualified members. One such finance source offers "second chance" credit. What methods can I use to acquire Toyota vehicles? As always you may use cash to buy vehicles outright. We have financing available to qualified members for 3 to 5 years in duration. For members who prefer a lease contract, we also can arrange for leases. Contact CTAA's Caryn Souza at 202-294-6527 and

Do I need a down payment?

Down payments reduce the amount you need to borrow and therefore the monthly payment. Down payments are not required but will improve your borrowing position. Where do I start?

To learn more about the Toyota Fleet program and to answer any of your questions contact CTAA's Caryn Souza at 202-294-6527 and


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