COVID -19 Recovery Vendor List for Public Transportation

CTAA's Recommended COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The following set of COVID-19 safety protocols has been developed for CTAA members. In this document, you’ll find recommendations on:

  • masks (for passengers and drivers)
  • driver compartment barriers
  • at-risk drivers
  • vehicle/transit facility cleaning and disinfecting
  • essential trips
  • fare collection
  • wheelchair securement
  • transporting a COVID-19 positive patient.


Thinking About the Transit Re-Start

A think piece from CTAA Executive Director, Scott Bogren, on the state of transit and its re-start. 

Public Transportation's response to the covid-19 pandemic

What follows is the Community Transportation Association of America’s analysis of how transit rose to the occasion, acting as a catalyst for community response.

CTAA's Best Practices Toolkit

Training and Certifications for Drivers and Managers

CTAA’s Passenger Assistance, Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) driver training program is the recognized industry standard when it comes to ensuring that your passengers are transported in the most safe, sensitive and careful manner possible.


CTAA offers answers to the frequently asked questions of transit and COVID-19, including regulatory and CARES Act FAQs.

CTAA Response

CDC Information

Other resources

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